Craniosacral Therapy

and Life Coaching

go hand in hand...

Craniosacral Therapy is a touch therapy that helps balance the fluids in the body.


When there is fluid balance there is better muscle mobility, better alignment of the bones and organs, and a greater sense of focus and conscious understanding of the body and mind. When our clients finish a session they often tell us that they feel :


•   More relaxed and have clearer focus.

•   Muscle pains are reduced or have disappeared completely.

•   They have more of an understanding that every part of the body is connected, and that there are ways to alleviate the symptoms that make their lives painful both mentally and physically.

•   Emotional and physical trauma has been addressed and a process of change has started.


Craniosacral Therapy helps newborn babies overcome difficulties both physically and emotional during and after their birth. When these issues are treated early (hopefully within the first few days or weeks) we find that feeding, sleeping and gut problems are alleviated within a couple of sessions; the whole family benefits from the changes and the child develops to his or her full potential.


Life Coaching offers our clients the skills and tools to lead a more enjoyable and healthy life. At our workshops and seminars we teach you :


•   Leadership skills, so that you are more in control of your daily life.

•   How to recognise and respond to the day to day problems that arise in your family and work life.

•   Meditation and relaxation skills.

•   How to eat a balanced and healthy diet.

•   How to become the best you can be, and make the most of your situation.


Craniosacral Therapy and Life Coaching assists the mind and body to re adjust and accept that there are changes to be made so that we can go forward with a healthy mind and a healthier body. We create physical symptoms because of the life style we lead. Symptoms such as headaches, sore back and neck, diabetes, heart conditions, digestion problems, accidents and many more issues are a product of our environment and how we see life in general. We are so much more than just the symptoms.


Principle Health sees the big picture. Our trained practitioners are constantly up skilling and remain focused on optimum health and wellbeing.




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